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Luxury Jersey Gelato

Slowly churned to perfection.


Here at Tagg Lane Dairy we believe that life is just that little bit better by Gelato, and bringing people together over Gelato is what we do. The very best in Artisan Gelato combined with the love and laughter to lift your spirits.


Every single one of our luxury flavours are hand crafted with the finest all-natural ingredients we can get our hands on, from the fresh fruit in the fruit flavours to the cocoa in our Award winning chocolate. You can’t rush love. Thats why our chef Jack patiently churns our Gelato that little bit longer and that little bit slower. The result is heavenly.


Golden Taste


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We’d love to supply you with our Gelato. Whether you are new to selling Gelato or been selling for years we love to talk anything Gelato!

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