The Jersey girls🐮

Whole raw milk is mother natures most perfect creation. It is balanced, nutrient dense, and it comes from one of the most majestic mammals on the planet. When you visit our farm, you will be greeted by a herd of Golden grass grazing beauties. If you have never met a Jersey cow in person, you will be delighted to know that they are curious, kind, peaceful and very friendly. Our family lives as neighbours to our happy Jersey cows and we have gotten to know them extremely well. Its amazing what you learn about another species when they become your “hows your day goin?” pals. We take great care and put tremendous thoughtful effort into how the cows live here with us on the farm. We invite you to come sit with the cows in the pasture and hear there crunch, crunch sounds as they graze on by. Oh, but do not mind their curious souls. They will 100%, without a doubt come and sniffle your hair and say “why hello there!” to ya